Vitamin C: Not all skincare is created equal!

Vitamin C: Not all skincare is created equal! - Dermlove Skincare

Vitamin C… again? This skincare star is on everyone's lips (and face). Vitamin C has long been considered a skincare staple because it has many benefits when used properly, including protection from UV damage working synergistically with your sunscreen, suppressing pigmentation, and preserving the integrity of collagen and elasticity. In fewer words, it has antiaging properties.

The gold standard of vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid. Most of the scientific literature that shows the benefit of vitamin C is based on L-ascorbic acid. Nevertheless, it has a problem! It is highly unstable. But what does that mean? It means that Vitamin C oxidizes upon exposure to light, air, and heat. When that happens, the skincare product you are using loses potency and the benefits for your skin are diminished.

Our Daily Glow Vitamin C Serum, which comes in biodegradable capsules, ensures the "C" in Vitamin C remains stable and potent from the day it’s manufactured until the moment it reaches your face. What’s more, the careful combination of ingredients and the best-in-class manufacturing practices and technology from our Italian partner, together with the clinical trials and dermatologist tests, gives you the certainty that you are getting the best Vitamin C for your skin!

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