What are skincare capsules and why do you need them?

What are skincare capsules and why do you need them? - Dermlove Skincare
Skincare capsules are single-use skincare products that have many benefits compared to regular skincare routines, particularly for ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol that are unstable, tend to oxidize, and lose potency easily. Below you will find five benefits of skincare capsules and why you should incorporate them into your routine.
  1. Right quantity: More is not always better in skincare; one of the mistakes people usually make with serums is using too much product. Having the right dose for your skin will not only promote the best results, but also save you money!
  2. Preservation of active ingredients: This is a big deal when it comes to skincare products. Having a mono-dose, sealed package ensures the product you are applying to your face is as good as it was the day it was manufactured. This is particularly important for products like vitamin C that are very unstable and tend to oxidize (many Vitamin C products turn orange shortly after being opened – that means they are oxidized) very quickly, losing potency and the benefits they were meant to provide.
  3. Bio-degradable: Healthy and glowing skin without environmental damage! Our skincare capsules are bio-degradable. You can dissolve your used skincare capsules in hot water or dispose of them with your compost.
  4. More hygienic & easy to use: Single-use capsules are far more hygienic than dipping your finger into jars of creams every day. And, unlike single-use glass ampoules that can cut your hands, skincare capsules are very easy to use. Just twist and pull!
  5. Travel friendly: Finally, isn't it nice to travel light? Take a few individual skincare drops for a trip and you’re ready to travel without filling your luggage with a huge bag of skincare products.

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