Why Retinoids?

Why Retinoids? - Dermlove Skincare
Collagen makes up about 75% of the dry weight of your skin and is responsible for the skin's structural integrity. Unfortunately, collagen does not last forever and the loss of collagen is one of the root causes of wrinkles and overall aging.

Worry no more: retinoids are here to save the day! They are the gold standard to stimulate collagen production and have been used for decades to treat wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation issues.

But what are retinoids? There are so many products out there, which makes it so confusing! The term retinoids is an umbrella name for all the Vitamin A ingredients. For simplicity, we can bucket them into two categories: cosmetic (mainly retinol esters and retinol, with retinol being the most potent between the two) and prescription-based (mainly tretinoin).

While prescription retinoids are the most potent, they are also the most irritating, particularly for sensitive skin (think peeling and redness). On the other hand, while products like retinol are less potent, they are also less irritating. With consistent use, they can achieve similar results.

What to look for in a retinol product?

Product concentration is key! To start out, you should not use a product with more than 0.1-0.3% retinol concentration unless prescribed by a dermatologist.

One key thing to consider: you will see many products out there claiming up to 2% concentration, but the actual percentage of pure retinol is likely much lower as they are most often using 2% of a retinol-based compound, not 2% of pure retinol.

Also, when retinol is exposed to air and sunlight, it decomposes quickly and loses its potency. By wrapping up our retinol serum single-dose capsules, we protect them from air and light. We therefore enhance stability and efficacy for 36 months.

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